Option Pack Discount

Combine four applicable services (Melody call (Basic Course) monthly charge 100 yen (exclude tax) when subscribed by itself, Voice Mail Service monthly charge 300 yen (exclude tax) when subscribed by itself, Call Waiting Service monthly charge 200 yen (exclude tax) when subscribed itself, and Call Forwarding Service monthly charge free) for just 400 yen (exclude tax) per month.
  • Application : Required

    Monthly charge : ¥400 (excl. tax)

POINTService point

  • Combine four services for ¥400 (excl. tax)
    Subscribe to the Melody Call, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, and Call Forwarding network services, and use all four for just ¥400 (excl. tax)/month.

Melody Call (Basic Course)

Icon image of Melody Call (Basic Course)

You can change the ringtone callers hear when they call you to your favorite melody.

Melody Call (Basic Course) (in Japanese only)

Voice Mail Service

Icon image of Voice Mail Service

Peace of mind even when you cannot answer calls! This service stores voice mail messages of callers.

Voice Mail Service (in Japanese only)

Call Waiting Service

Icon image of Call Waiting Service

A signal tone (call waiting tone) will notify you of incoming calls when you are already on the line.

Call Waiting Service (in Japanese only)

Call Forwarding Service

Icon image of Call Forwarding Service

Forward incoming calls to another mobile phone or office, home, or other phone that has been registered in advance.

Call Forwarding Service (in Japanese only)

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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