sp-mode is a provider (ISP) for smartphones that offers more convenient and worry-free smartphone use.

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Fun and convenient mail service

This mail service allows you to use a DOCOMO mail address (@docomo.ne.jp) and enjoy pictograms and Deco-mail®. docomo mail/sp-mode mail can also be used via Wi-Fi without applying.


Payments made simple and convenient with sp-mode Content Payment Service

This simple and convenient service allows you to purchase content by just entering a 4-digit password. Usage charges are billed together with monthly mobile phone charges.

noticeLimited to content that is supported by the sp-mode Content Payment Service.


Optional services for pleasurable and worry-free use

Simply apply for the services such as Mail Virus Checking, Access Restriction Service, and docomo Wi-Fi (sp-mode) Service you wish to use.


Phonebook Backup enables easy backup of your important Phonebook data

This service allows you to back up the Phonebook data stored on your smartphone, and then restore it in the event that you lose your smartphone, accidently delete the data, etc.

noticeSome functions may not be available depending on the model.

Compatible Handsets

Full Details

View details on the sp-mode service.

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