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Anshin Pack

Image of Anshin Pack

This service provides a combination of Mobile Device Protection & Delivery Service, Anshin Remote Support, and Anshin Net Security at a discount to provide peace of mind for your smartphone life.

Anshin Pack (in Japanese only)

Remote Initialization Service

Image of Remote Initialization Service

Use a PC to remotely initialize your smartphone or tablet and erase the data written to the SD card.

Remote Initialization Service (in Japanese only)

Omakase Lock

Image of contacting DOCOMO

The Phonebook and other personal information as well as the "Osaifu-Keitai" IC card function on your phone can be locked remotely.

Omakase Lock (in Japanese only)

Remote Lock (Remote all lock)

Image of other phones and public phones

You can remotely access your mobile phone from another pre-registered phone or a public phone to prevent third parties from using it.

Remote Lock (Remote all lock) (in Japanese only)

IC card lock

Lock the Integrated Circuit (IC) card function to prevent it being used without your consent.

IC card lock (in Japanese only)

Data Security Service

Image of the Data Security Service

Easily back up your important data. It's simple to restore your data even when your phone is lost or you accidentally delete data.

Data Security Service (in Japanese only)

Keitai-Osagashi Service

Keitai-Osagashi Service logo

Access My docomo from a PC to search for the approximate location of your lost phone.

Keitai-Osagashi Service (in Japanese only)

Mobile Device Protection & Delivery Service/Mobile Device Protection Service

This service covers you against all kinds of emergencies including damage by water, loss, and complete failure.

Anshin Remote Support

Logo of Anshin Remote Support

This service provides support for various smartphone related problems. It allows you to receive support on how to use your smartphone from a technical operator by making just one phone call.

Anshin Remote Support (in Japanese only)

Handset Data Recovery Service

Restore your contacts and other data from a phone from which data can no longer be exported because of water exposure, damage, etc.

Handset Data Recovery Service (in Japanese only)

Area Mail Disaster Information Service

Logo of Area Mail Disaster Information service

Receive Earthquake Early Warnings and other information from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Disaster Status Confirmation Services

DOCOMO provides Disaster Message Board Service and Disaster Voice Messaging Service (both Japanese and English versions) to check on the safety of relatives and friends by mobile phone in the event of a disaster.

Anshin Net Security

You can apply for all of the security services recommended by DOCOMO for smartphone use together at the same time.

Anshin Net Security (in Japanese only)

docomo Anshin Scan

This service allows you to protect a smartphone that runs the AndroidTM operating system to enable peace of mind when using your smartphone.

docomo Anshin Scan (in Japanese only)

Meiwaku Mail Omakase Block

In addition to implementing conventional spam mail countermeasures, this service automatically identifies and then blocks spam mail to make docomo mail more convenient to use.

Meiwaku Mail Omakase Block (in Japanese only)

Anshin Number Check

This service allows you to use your phone worry free by notifying you in advance of suspicious incoming calls such as persistent sales calls and scam calls.

Anshin Number Check (in Japanese only)

Nuisance Call Blocking Service

Block repeated nuisance or prank calls.

Nuisance Call Blocking Service (in Japanese only)

Caller ID Display Request Service

Choose to accept calls only from phones that have enabled caller ID notification.

Home-sitting Camera

Image of Home-sitting Camera

This provides simple security and allows you to check on your pet's condition while out using a tablet or smartphone.

Home-sitting Camera (in Japanese only)


Tsunagari-hotto-support logo

Receive peace of mind and expand your communication experience by getting information on somebody's mobile phone usage status regularly.

Tsunagari-hotto-support (in Japanese only)

Kids' iMenu

Kids' iMenu logo

This excludes online dating services and other sites not appropriate for children, making i-mode safe to browse even for kids.

Kids' iMenu (in Japanese only)

imadoco search

imadoco search logo

Use an i-mode mobile phone, smartphone, or PC (My docomo) to check the whereabouts of your children or other loved ones on a map.

imadoco search (in Japanese only)

Access Restriction Service

Protect your children from harmful sites!

Restrict access to harmful sites such as online dating services when children are using i-mode.

Anshin mode

Image of Anshin mode

This allows a guardian to restrict functions so that a child can use a smartphone safely.

Anshin mode (in Japanese only)

Family Browser for docomo

Image of Family Browser for docomo

This browser app can restrict access to harmful sites even when using Wi-Fi communications other than docomo Wi-Fi.

Family Browser for docomo (in Japanese only)

Filtering Service

Protect your children from harmful sites and apps not suitable for children.

Voice input mail

Voice input mail logo

Just talk into the phone's microphone to easily compose the main text of your mail simply.

Voice input mail (in Japanese only)

Simple iMenu

Image of Simple iMenu

This simple menu has a similar layout to the normal iMenu but uses larger characters.

Simple iMenu (in Japanese only)


Logo of Move&Flick

This application for iOS is also convenient for visually impaired persons as you can easily enter mail and other text without looking at your fingers.

Move&Flick (in Japanese only)


Emergency call location notification

Image of emergency call location notification

It is possible to automatically notify information on the location from which you make an emergency call.

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