Using Your Mobile Phone Overseas (International Roaming Service: WORLD WING)

This service enables call, mail, Internet, and Videophone call use overseas with your usual phone number and mail address.

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Using a mobile phone overseas

Using Wi-Fi overseas



Services available overseas

Checking whether service is available at your destination

Checking the voice/data communications charges and service areas

Useful information
Other information

Calling and Sending Messages Abroad (International Dialing and Messaging Services: WORLD CALL)

You can make international calls and send international messages easily from your usual mobile phone.

Checking the charges and service areas

Checking the voice/data communications charges and service areas

Other information

For Those Who Wish to Send Remittances Overseas (docomo Money Transfer)

A service that enables you to send a remittance in a local currency or U.S. dollars from your docomo kouza (Account) to the bank account or counter of an affiliated beneficiary financial institution in the Philippines, Brazil, South Korea, or China.

For Those Who Will Stay Overseas for a Long Time

Introduction to useful tips on use essential for those who will stay overseas for a long time.

Information Regarding Service Disruption

Provides current information on trouble and other conditions affecting international services.

Downloading International Service Guides

International service guides are available for download.

Roaming in Japan

You can even use the DOCOMO network while in Japan with the same mobile phone and phone number you always use.

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