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docomo Points Service

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Application : Not Required

Applications are not required. All subscribers are eligible for the points service.

Points are accumulated at a rate of 1 point per ¥100notice1 of the monthly usage charges of users. Points can be used for making payments of DOCOMO product purchase chargesnotice2 and malfunction repair charges at a rate of 100 points per ¥100.

  • notice1 Points are calculated based on basic monthly charges, dialing charges, communications charges, optional service usage charges, and universal service charges after various discounts have been applied. (However, the basic monthly charges and communications charges for Otayori Photo Plan, Otayori Photo Plan Full, DriveNet Plan, and DriveNet Plan Full included in the usage charges of the FOMA service are excluded from the calculation.) Points do not accrue for various handling fees, telegram charges, content usage charges/i-mode information charges, collect call dialing charges, handset purchase charges, installment payments for mobile phone purchased with Value Course, payments with docomo Mobile Payment (excluding some)/DCMX mini, docomo kouza (Account) usage charges (remittance payments and usage charges), subscriber's expenses for using Mobile Phone Protection & Delivery Service, consumption tax, etc.
  • notice2 Points cannot be applied to some products such as MOBILER'S CHECK.

If you also become a docomo Premier Club member

docomo Premier Club

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Application : Required

docomo Premier Club offers lots of privileges including complimentary members-only services and support that assures peace of mind in the event that the unexpected should happen. You earn more docomo Points the higher your membership stage.

DCMX (card that rapidly accumulates points)

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DCMX (credit card that accumulates docomo Points)

In addition to the point service of docomo Premier Club in which points are accumulated based on your monthly mobile phone charges, you can earn up to an additional 20 points per ¥1,000 by simply becoming a member.
If you also use DCMX to make payments for regular shopping, docomo Points will accumulate at 10 points per ¥1,000.
Furthermore, you can use the convenient e-money iD as no application is required.



Become a member and your stage rank of docomo Premier Club will instantly become Gold Stage, regardless of the number of years of subscription.
In addition to the improved rate of 100 points per ¥1,000 accumulated based on your monthly mobile phone charges, there are plenty of benefits including the ability to use premium coupons for movie theaters, theme parks, and hotels and other accommodation in various places around Japan.
There are also plenty of member privileges just for DCMX GOLD members including a ¥5,000 mobile phone purchase coupon for every member in their first year of membership.
Apply now while the membership campaign is running and receive a present of docomo Points equivalent the fee for one year's membership.

noticeUnless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.

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