For Subscribers Who Purchase a Mobile Phone

Overview of the costs incurred when making a new subscription or changing models and discount services for monthly payments.

Contract Handling Fee, Etc.

Newly subscribing and changing models will require a contract handling fee*1 and registration fee*1, respectively.

Table of Contract Handling Fee, Etc.
Application Contract Handling Fee, Etc.
New subscription Contract handling fee: ¥3,000
Changing subscriptions from FOMA to Xi or from Xi to FOMA Contract handling fee: ¥3,000
Changing from Xi model to another Xi model or a FOMA model to another FOMA model Registration fee: ¥2,000
  1. Administrative fees and registration fees are not applied when using the docomo Online Shop.

Handset Model Purchase Charge

DOCOMO installment payments (individual credit purchase brokerage contract/installment sale contract)*2 are available in addition to lump-sum payment by cash, credit card, etc.

  1. Models covered by DOCOMO installment payments : Models covered by Value Course (in Japanese only), Xi compatible models

DOCOMO installment payments

  1. You can select from 12 payments and 24 payments for DOCOMO installment payments.
    There is no handling fee for installment payments.
  2. You can change models during the installment payment period.
  3. Points can be used for installment payments.

About Purchasing in Installments

Benefit of using points

Points can also be used when purchasing a model.
Points can be used in increments of 1 point, with 1 point being equivalent to ¥1.

Applicable products

  • Mobile phones and other DOCOMO products
  • Accessories and other DOCOMO products

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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