What is e-billing?

Instead of receiving notification of automatic payment and notification of charges by post, you can check your monthly usage charges and other charges at the Usage Charges Confirmation website via smartphone, docomo Feature Phone (sp-mode, i-mode), or PC etc.

  • Notification by e-billing became standard for billing and if you pay by automatic payment or a credit card, your contract will automatically change to an e-billing contract except in some cases.

Service Details

The website will be updated from about 10th to 18th of every month, and you can view usage charges for the current month and the past four months.

Table of service details
Service details How to check, etc. Details viewable
Checking usage details, etc. From a smartphone, a docomo Feature Phone (sp-mode, i-mode), or a PC Usage details and itemized charges *1
Data download (PDF format) From a PC Usage details and itemized charges *1
  1. A separate application is required for Itemized Billing Service. An itemized statement of charges will be delivered by post if sending to the contract holder's address (sent separately from bills and other notices) is requested. Note that they cannot be confirmed from a feature phone (i-mode).

Distribution of Monthly Usage Charges Notice

When the usage charge for the previous month is finalized, you will be notified via SMS or Message R. Please refer to Monthly Usage Charges Notice for details.

e-billing Discount

  • If you have a subscription for a billing plan subject to an e-billing Discount *2, you can receive a discount.
  • When automatic payment is completed on the payment date or your credit card company approves payment of charges by credit card, you can receive a discount of up to 20 yen per line *3 from the amount charged for the following month for that fee.
  • With single billing service, you will get a 20 yen discount for each line.
  • If automatic payment is not completed on the payment date or your credit card company does not approve payment of charges by credit card, the discount will not apply, and the discount amount will be billed in addition for the use in the month following the month of discount application.
  1. FOMA, Xi, and WideStar II are applicable to e-billing Discount.
    However, if you meet either or both of the following conditions, you cannot receive the discount.
    • You subscribe to the Simple plan
    • You have a contract for a sub line subject to a single billing to which the e-billing service is not applicable.
      [e-billing service is not applicable]
      Device Plus 300, Device Plus 500, Kids Keitai Plus, Otayori Photo Plan Flat, Otayori Photo Plan, Otayori Photo Plan Full, DriveNet Plan, DriveNet Plan Full, LTE Ubiquitous Plan S, LTE Ubiquitous Plan M, LTE Ubiquitous Flat, LTE Ubiquitous Plan S (High-speed option), LTE Ubiquitous Plan M (High-speed option), FOMA Ubiquitous Plan S, FOMA Ubiquitous Plan M, Flat-Rate Ubiquitous Plan, Location Information Dedicated Plan, docomo Wi-Fi monthly flat-rate plan, and transceiver Plan.
  2. If the usage charges applicable for discount are less than ¥20, the applicable charges will be treated as the upper limit for the discount.
    • If you cancel a line, the discount will not apply for the usage fees for the month of cancellation.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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