Letters of consent and letters of attorney can be downloaded as PDF files from the links below.

Letter of Consent (PDF Download)

Consent from legal parent or guardian

A letter of consent from the subscriber's legal parent or guardian is required when making the following orders if the subscription is in a minor's name.

Orders requiring consent of legal parent or guardian
  1. New application
  2. If applying for a DOCOMO installment payment contract (individual credit purchase brokerage contract/installment sale contract) and Basic Course when changing the model or subscription
  3. If the billing plan is Type Limit, Limit Plus, or Family Wide Limit
    Changes to other billing plans, Limit password changes, cancelling function suspending raising of the limit, changing to a course with a higher limit, or application for Pake-hodai double
  4. If applying for i-mode or applying for, cancelling, or changing Access Restriction Service (Kids' i-mode Filter/i-mode Filter/Time Restriction/Web Restriction/Access Restriction Customizer)
  5. d CARD mini (Application for credit card service, or cancellation of setting to prevent application.)
  6. All orders where an application has been made by the legal parent or guardian in advance, requiring consent at the time of each order

The following documents are required to verify that consent has been given by the legal parent or guardian.

[1] Documents verifying the identity of the legal parent or guardiannotice1
[2] Letter of consent from legal parent or guardian (Must be signed by the legal parent or guardian, or stamped with their seal.)





Letter of Attorney (PDF Download)

Letter of attorney

Application by a representative

For an application made by a representative, a letter of attorney is required. Present the following documents for the order procedure.

  • [1] Identification document of the subscribernotice2
  • [2] Letter of attorney (Either of the subscriber's signature or written name and seal is required. If the subscription is in the name of a company or organization, the company seal is required.)
  • [3] Identification document of the representativenotice2

Use the following format for a letter of attorney.

When creating a letter of attorney yourself, enter the following information in the letter of attorney.

noticeIf the entered information is incorrect or insufficient, DOCOMO may contact the subscriber or may not accept the order.
If any of the entered information is found to be false, DOCOMO may suspend use or cancel the contract.

Information to enter in letter of attorney

noticeThe subscriber must enter all the information.

  • 1Date letter of attorney created (date written)
  • 2Mobile phone number subject to order

    noticeThis does not need to be entered in the case of a new subscription for a mobile phone or when will not specify (or have not specified) a mobile phone number to be paired with docomo Hikari in the case of an order related to docomo Hikari.

  • 3Name, postal address, contact phone number, and date of birth of the subscriber

    noticeIf the name of the subscriber is not in their own handwriting, their seal must be affixed (in the case of a corporate subscriber, the seal must always be affixed).

  • 4Name, postal address, contact phone number, and date of birth of the legal representative
  • 5Order details and the fact that delegating full authority regarding the order

    noticeAlso enter the following information according to the order details.

    [1] When new subscription for a mobile phone
    • Number of lines for which applying
    • Payment method
    [2] When using DOCOMO installment payments to purchase a mobile phone, etc.
    • Fact that delegating full authority regarding the application for DOCOMO installment payments
    • Consent for the acquisition and provision of customer personal credit information from/to a "designated credit information agency" specified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    • Number of payments (12 or 24 payments)
    • Fact that will use DOCOMO installment payments for a product costing more than ¥100,000 (incl. tax)
  • 6Number of points to be used

    noticeWhen points will be used for purchasing a mobile phone, etc., enter the number of points to be used.

An application may not be able to be accepted from a representative depending on the order.

  1. In the case of making a new subscription under a personal name, concluding a DOCOMO installment payment contract at the same time as changing models or subscriptions under a personal name, or applying for a MNP reservation, a representative (except for a legal representative or member of the subscriber's family) cannot make the application.
  2. A representative (except for a legal representative) cannot make an application for some of the services related to the subscriber's confidentiality of communications such as the Itemized Billing Service. The application must be made by the subscriber.

notice2 See Documents Verifying Identity for details.





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