Application by Bank Card for Automatic Payment

Application for automatic payment can be made at docomo Shops and some other retailers without filling out application for automatic payment and applying seal/signature used to open the account.
The card must be in the name of the person who is making the application.

  • Some bank cards may not be accepted depending on their type. A bank card without a magnetic stripe cannot be used.
  • Available for the following financial institutions. (Expansion to other financial institutions is under way.)
  • You must input your bank card's PIN when applying.

Financial institutions (as of February 17, 2020)

Table of available financial institutions
Type Financial institutions
Commercial banks Mizuho Bank, MUFG Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank
Regional banks Hokkaido Bank, The Aomori Bank, The Michinoku Bank, Akita Bank, HOKUTO BANK, The Shonai Bank, The Yamagata Bank, The Bank of Iwate, The 77 Bank, The Toho Bank, The Gunma Bank, The Ashikaga Bank, The Joyo Bank, The Musashino Bank, Chiba Bank, The Chiba Kogyo Bank, Kiraboshi Bank, The Bank of Yokohama, THE DAISHI BANK, The Hokuetsu Bank, The Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Hachijuni Bank, Hokuriku Bank, Bank of Toyama, Hokkoku Bank, The Fukui Bank, Shizuoka Bank, Suruga Bank, Shimizu Bank, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, The Juroku Bank, The Mie Bank, The Hyakugo Bank, Shiga Bank, The Bank of Kyoto, Kansai Mirai Bank, Senshu Ikeda Bank, Nanto Bank, Kiyo Bank, The Tottori Bank, The San-in Godo Bank, Chugoku Bank, Hiroshima Bank, The Yamaguchi Bank, The Awa Bank, The Hyakujushi Bank, The Iyo Bank, Shikoku Bank, The Bank of Fukuoka, The Chikuho Bank, Bank of Saga, The Eighteenth Bank, Shinwa Bank, Higo Bank, Oita Bank, The Miyazaki Bank, Kagoshima Bank, Bank of The Ryukyus, The Bank of Okinawa, Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Kitakyushu Bank, North Pacific Bank, Kita-Nippon Bank, Sendaibank, Fukushimabank, The Daito Bank, The Towa Bank, THE TOCHIGI BANK, The Keiyo Bank, THE TAIKO BANK, THE NAGANO BANK, FIRST BANK OF TOYAMA, The Fukuho Bank, THE SHIZUOKA CHUO BANK, The Aichi Bank, THE BANK OF NAGOYA, THE CHUKYO BANK, The Daisan Bank, Minato Bank, The Shimane Bank, Tomato Bank, Momiji Bank, THE SAIKYO BANK, THE TOKUSHIMA TAISHO BANK, THE KAGAWA BANK, The Ehime Bank, THE BANK OF KOCHI, Kumamoto Bank, Miyazaki Taiyo Bank, The Bank of MINAMI-NIPPON, THE OKINAWA KAIHO BANK
Credit associations Shinkin banks
Community Bank Shinyo Kumiai Hokuoh Shinkumi, Sapporo Chuo Shinyo Kumiai, Kushiro Shinkumi, AOMORIKEN SHINYO KUMIAI, ASUKA CREDIT COOPERATIVE, Furukawa Shinyokumiai, Senpoku Shinyokumiai,Akitaken Shinyoukumiai, Fukushimaken Shoko Shinyo Kumiai, Aizu Shoko Shinyo Kumiai, Iwaki Shinkumi,The Ibaraki-ken Credit Cooperative, Moka Credit Union, Akagi Shinyo Kumiai, Gunma-ken Shinyo Kumiai, Saitama shinyoukumiai, BOSHIN, Choshishoko Shinyo Kumiai, KIMITSU SHINYO KUMIAI, Zentouei shinyokumiai, Bunka-Sangyou Shinyoukumiai, Koutou Shinyokumiai, Seiwa Shinyo Kumiai, Nakanogou Shinyo Kumiai, Kyouritsu Shinyokumiai, Daitokyo Shinyo Kumiai, DAI-ICHI KANGYO CREDIT COOPERATIVE, Soai Shinyoukumiai, Niigata credit union, Habataki shinyoukumiai, Kyoei Shinyokumiai, Maki shinyoukumiai, Niigata daiei shinyoukumiai, Shiozawa shinyoukumiai, Itoigawa shinyoukumiai, Yamanashikenmin Shinyoukumiai, Tsuru Shinyoukumiai, Nagano-ken Shinyo Kumiai, Toyohashi shoko Shinyokumiai, Aichi-ken Chuo Shinyo Kumiai, Gifu Shoko Shinyo Kumiai, Hidashin-Bank, Masushin, Shigaken Shinyoukumiai, Daido.shinkumi, SEIKYOU SHINKUMI, Nozomi Shinyoukumiai, Kinki Sangyo Credit Union, Mire Shinyo Kumiai, Hyogo-ken Shinyo Kumiai, DANYO SHINYO KUMIAI BANK, Kasaoka Shinkumi Bank, Hiroshimashi Credit Cooperative, Kagawa-ken Shinyo Kumiai, Kumamoto-ken Shinyo Kumiai, Oita-ken Shinyo Kumiai, Amami Shinyoukumiai
Labour Banks HOKKAIDO ROKIN, Tohoku Rokin, Chuo Labour Bank, Niigata Rokin, Nagano Rokin, Shizuoka Labour Bank, Hokuriku Labour Bank, Tokai Rokin, Kinki Rokin, Chugoku Rokin, Shikoku Rokin, Kyusyu Rokin, Okinawa Rokin
The Japan Agricultural Cooperatives The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (excluding Memuro-cho Agricultural Cooperative, Shihoro-cho Agricultural Cooperative, Makubetsu Agricultural Cooperative and Urahoro-cho Agricultural Cooperative)
Post office Japan Post Bank
Others AEON Bank
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