Paying by Automatic Payment

The billed amount will be transferred from a designated bank account on the due date. The amount to be transferred for the current month along with a receipt for the previous month can be seen on the Usage Charges Confirmation website. Applications for automatic payment are accepted online and at docomo Shops and some other retailers. Please ready the following items when applying.
Furthermore, application for e-billing Discount will be made concurrently when you apply for automatic payment.
For details, please see Other Guidance Regarding Automatic Payment.

What to Bring

When applying online

You can apply for automatic payment in real time by PC, smartphone, or i-mode without having to fill out an application for automatic payment with seal/signature used to open the account.

When applying with bank card

When applying with application for automatic payment

  • Application for automatic payment
    Available at docomo Shops or by requesting by phone, PC, and i-mode.
  • Bank account number from bankbook
  • Seal/signature used to open the account
    You will be sent bills once or twice until procedures with the financial institution are complete. Please pay those at a convenience store, financial institution, or docomo Shop that handles DOCOMO charges payment.

Financial institution

Banks*1, Shinkin Banks, Credit Cooperatives, Labor Banks, The Shoko Chukin Bank, Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, The Norinchukin Bank, Japan Fisheries Cooperatives, Japan Post Bank

  • Not available for some financial institutions.


  • The account that can be specified in the application for paying by automatic payment is limited to one in the name of the subscriber (or a legal representative or member of the subscriber's family) in the case of a subscription for an individual. When an application is made in the name of a legal representative or member of the subscriber's family, a document that clarifies the relationship with the subscriber is required so please perform the procedure at a docomo Shop.
  • If the name in the applicant space of the application for automatic payment is the representative of an organization, be sure to fill in the name of the organization, title, and representative's name.

Check Automatic Payment Notice and Billing Details

You can check information on the Automatic Payment Notice and Billing Details that are delivered to you.


Procedures can be carried out by PC, smartphone, docomo Feature Phone, phone, or at a docomo Shop.

docomo Feature Phone

You can apply from (docomo Online Application). The required d ACCOUNT can be easily issued, so even beginners can start using right away.

  • When accessing from a PC, a d ACCOUNT is required.
  • When accessing from a smartphone or docomo Feature Phone (sp-mode), a Network PIN is required.
  • Operation procedures on the actual screens are in Japanese.
Business hours :
24 hours *2

docomo Feature Phone

You can apply from (docomo Online Application).

Business hours :
24 hours *2


  • The application form for automatic payment will be sent by post. Fill in the necessary items on the application form for automatic payment and then send it back in the included envelope.
  • To apply from a DOCOMO mobile phone, call 151 (toll free, in Japanese only) without an area code.
  • For inquiries in English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish, and applications from landline phones, see General Inquiries (docomo Information Center).
Business hours :
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

docomo Shops

All shops provide this support service through interpreters, to enable foreign language speaking customers to stop by freely and comfortably.
Business hours differ by shop. See the pages of individual shops for details.

Business hours :
Within the business hours of the corresponding shop
  1. Unavailable from 10:30 p.m. every Tuesday to 7:00 a.m. the following morning due to system maintenance.

Terms and Conditions of Automatic Payment by Deposit Account (Excluding a Japan Post Bank Account)

  1. When you (the financial institution) receive a bill that I (the account holder who has a DOCOMO line subscription) have to pay from the company (DOCOMO), please debit the amount in the bill from my deposit account and pay it without notifying me. In this case, I will neither submit my bankbook and savings withdrawal form nor issue a check, regardless of the terms and conditions of deposit accounts or the terms and conditions of current accounts.
  2. If the amount in the bill exceeds the amount that can be withdrawn from my deposit account (including the amount within my overdraft limit) on the day of payment, you may return the bill to the company without notifying me.
  3. If I want to terminate this agreement, I will notify you thereof in writing. If there are reasonable reasons to believe this agreement is terminated, for example, when you do not receive a bill from the company for a long period of time without there being any notification, you may regard this agreement as terminated, unless I notify you otherwise.
  4. Even if a dispute arises regarding this payment by deposit account, you will not be troubled, unless you are responsible for the matter.
  • If the Japan Post Bank is specified, the terms and conditions of automatic payment designated by the Japan Post Bank apply.

Other Guidance Regarding Automatic Payment

  • The payment destination may change based on the terms of the agreement regarding various DOCOMO services used by the customer.
  • If automatic payment was not possible due to insufficient funds on the day of transfer (payment date), DOCOMO may request transfer again on a date specified separately.
  • When the procedure for paying by automatic payment is completed, DOCOMO will consider you to have applied for the provision of billing information notices by electronic media (e-billing Discount) according to the terms of the agreement with DOCOMO (except when some services and discounts are used). However, upon request, DOCOMO can issue and send by post last month's receipt and an automatic payment notice notifying of the current month's automatic payment amount if you pay an issuing fee of ¥50 (excl. tax) for each bill.
  • If the procedure for paying by automatic payment is not completed or if transfers failed consecutively, DOCOMO may change the payment method to paying by bill. In that case, an additional bill issuing fee of ¥100 (excl. tax) will apply for each bill.
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