New Subscription

5G Xi "crossy" FOMA

  • Contract handling fee
    ¥3,300 (incl. tax)

    * The contract handling fee is not applied when using the docomo Online Shop.

The following is a guide to items you will need to apply for a new subscription with DOCOMO.

For customers aged 80 or older who are considering purchasing a mobile handset

We ask that customers aged 80 or older be accompanied by family members when they visit.
If you visit a docomo Shop alone to switch carriers, the shop may contact a family member by phone. For this reason, please be sure to inform your family member of the time of your visit in advance. If you do not want us to contact your family by phone, visit a shop after first consulting with your family.


  • In the case of making a new subscription under a personal name, the application must be made by the subscriber. An application cannot be accepted from a representative (except for a member of the subscriber's family).
  • For an application made by a family member of the subscriber, a letter of attorney, document verifying the identity of the family member of the subscriber, and document proving that the person applying is a family member of the subscriber (Family Register [Koseki Tohon] or Certificate of Residence [Juminhyo] without Individual Number [social security and tax number] printed on it, etc.) are required in addition to an identification document of the subscriber. When other than a Japanese driver's license card, Individual Number Card (My Number Card), a government-issued identification booklet for the physically challenged (Shintai Shogaisha Techo), a government-issued welfare booklet for the mentally ill (Seishin Shogaisha Hoken Fukushi Techo [Shogaisha Techo]), or a government-issued identification booklet for the mentally challenged (Ryoiku Techo) is used as the identification document of the member of the subscriber's family, an additional document is required.

Items Required

Identification document of the subscriber

If you have a Japanese driver's license or Individual Number Card (My Number Card), bring it with you.

  • Only a document showing your current address.
  • A photocopy is not acceptable.

Identification documents of the user (if the subscriber and user are different people)

  • Only a document verifying the full name and date of birth of the user.
  • A photocopy is acceptable.

Requirements for procedures to pay your monthly bill

  • Bring credit card or bank card under the name of the subscriber.


  • Contract handling fee of ¥3,300 (incl. tax) (This will be included in your bill the following month along with usage charges.)
  • Payment for handset, accessories, etc.
  • The contract handling fee is not applied when using the docomo Online Shop.
  • If you will use DOCOMO installment payments, check About Purchasing in Installments.
  • Holders of a d ACCOUNT (no mobile phone) under their personal name may use their accumulated points for purchasing a new device, etc. by requesting at the time of subscribing.


Procedures can be carried out at docomo Shop/d gardens or docomo Online Shop.

docomo Shop
/d garden
docomo Shop/d garden

Business hours differ by shop. See the pages of individual shops for details.

docomo Feature Phone

Procedures can be carried out at docomo Online Shop.

Business hours :
24 hours *1
  1. May not be available due to system maintenance. Check the New windowmaintenance information (in Japanese only) for details.

Procedures for Switching from Another Carrier to DOCOMO with Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

View an explanation on information such as procedures for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) for those who wish to switch to DOCOMO right away using MNP.

Prevention of Improper Use of Mobile Phones Initiative

  • In accordance with the Act for Prevention of Improper Use of Mobile Phones (effective as of April 1, 2006), DOCOMO is required to confirm the subscriber's identity with original identification documents as specified by DOCOMO and make a record of that confirmation. Even subscribers who already have a subscription with DOCOMO are required to confirm their identity with original identification documents. You are not permitted to transfer ownership of the docomo UIM Card (FOMA Card) used for the subscription to another party without notifying DOCOMO.
  • In order to prevent mobile phone subscriptions that have been illicitly obtained with forged documents verifying identity from being used in bank transfer scams and other crimes, DOCOMO may determine that it is necessary to confirm the validity of the documents verifying identity (such as a Japanese driver's license) presented by the subscriber at the time of subscription. In such case, we may provide the issuing authority (police agencies, etc.) with the information of that document (Japanese driver's license, etc.) to confirm its validity. We ask for your understanding in our efforts to prevent bank transfer scams and other crime.
  • In order to prevent large numbers of improper subscriptions under the same name, individuals are generally limited to a maximum of five line subscriptions, including currently active subscription lines, subscription lines for which the phone numbers are stored, and inactive subscription lines, under the same personal name for each line type determined by DOCOMO.
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