Check Subscription Information and Usage Status

Verify Subscription Details and d POINTs

Verify parts of your subscription.

Basic subscriber information

  • Subscriber address and phone number
  • Mailing address for bills and contact phone number
  • Subscription period for currently used mobile phone (handset usage period)
  • d POINT CLUB (stages, etc.)


You can check the available d POINTs/docomo Points.
(You automatically earn points for every 100 yen you spend for basic monthly charges, dialing and communications charges, and optional service usage charges.)

Charge and discount subscriptions

  • Payment methods (billing structure)
  • Billing plans
  • Itemized Billing Service
  • Discounts (Family Discount)

(This is a partial list.)

Services subscriptions

  • Network options
  • i-mode and i-mode options
  • International services

(This is a partial list.)

How to verify

  • This may not be available depending on your subscription details, etc.

docomo Feature Phone

You can apply from (docomo Online Application). The required d ACCOUNT can be easily issued, so even beginners can start using right away.

  • When accessing from a PC, a d ACCOUNT is required.
  • When accessing from a smartphone or docomo Feature Phone (sp-mode), a Network PIN is required.
  • Operation procedures on the actual screens are in Japanese.
Business hours :
24 hours *1

docomo Feature Phone

You can apply from (docomo Online Application).

Business hours :
24 hours *1


  • To apply from a DOCOMO mobile phone, call 151 (toll free, in Japanese only) without an area code.
  • For inquiries in English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish, and applications from landline phones, see General Inquiries (docomo Information Center).
  • To confirm your identity as the service subscriber, your will be asked to provide your phone number, name, birth date, and address as listed on your service contract.
Business hours :
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  1. Unavailable from 10:30 p.m. every Tuesday to 7:00 a.m. the following morning due to system maintenance.

Usage Charges and Other Charges Confirmation

This service lets you check your usage charges and other charges for the current month and past three months by mobile phone or PC.

Check Usage and Related Information

  • Application is required to enable you to check usage and related information.

Itemized statement of dialing and communications charges

You can check up to two months of itemized billing statements to find out when, where to, and how long you called.

Itemized Billing Service

i-mode Access History

Search and view information on i-mode usage (access history) from your PC via My docomo. The mobile phone for the subscription is required to use this service.

i-mode Access History

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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