docomo Shop Services

View information on procedures and convenient services carried out at docomo Shops.

Foreign Language Support

All shops provide this support service* through interpreters, to enable foreign language speaking customers to stop by freely and comfortably.

  • The shop staff calls up an interpreter by phone and the conversation is carried out by passing the phone to and from the customer.
  • Interpreters are available for the four languages of English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish.

[Hours available]
9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)

  • Service is only available within shop business hours.
① First, the shop staff will use an explanatory sheet to explain to the customer how the service will be provided by calling up an interpreter.
② Shop staff calls the interpreter.
③ Shop staff will pass the phone to the customer and have the interpreter take over the conversation.
④ When the interpreter is done explaining to the customer, the customer will pass the phone back to the shop staff who will then explain the next issue. Thereafter, steps ③ and ④ will be carried out repeatedly.

docomo Shop Services


Image of procedures

docomo Shops mainly perform the following procedures.

  • New subscription
  • Model change
  • Receipt of charges payments
  • Reception for various services
  • Reception for repairs

For details on other procedures, please confirm with the nearest docomo shop. You can make various procedures online via My docomo.
Refer to Guide to Procedures for procedures.

  • Services handled differ by shop. Please inquire with the shop in advance.

docomo Shop Appointment

image of docomo Shop Appointment

Information about docomo Shop appointment which allows you to specify a docomo Shop and schedule a date and time to visit the shop.

docomo Shop Appointment (in Japanese only)

docomo My Shop

docomo My Shop logo

Useful and wonderful services for each individual customer. A new relationship between you and docomo Shop has begun.

Initial Setup Support

A guide to Initial Setup Support that provides support on the initial setup of your smartphone or tablet by docomo Shop staff.

docomo Welcome Support

Leave transfer of your Phonebook as well as notification to others of your new phone number or mail address to docomo Welcome Support. This even makes changing from another mobile phone carrier go smoother.

When signing up for new mobile phone service, you can choose the last four digits of your phone number with our Phone Number Selection Service.

Usage Consultation

Get guidance on the billing plan, discount service, and phone usage most suitable for you.
DOCOMO has introduced the docomo Shop staff skills accreditation system Meister Certification program to improve knowledge and customer service levels so that each individual customer can receive satisfactory guidance. Staff who have passed any of the following tests wear the corresponding qualification badge so please do not hesitate to consult with them.

Grand Meister: This the highest qualification of Meister Certification program. Staff with this qualification can provide the optimal guidance for customers by drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience. Meister: Staff with this qualification have a wealth of knowledge and can provide guidance that meets the needs of customers.Grand Meister: This the highest qualification of Meister Certification program. Staff with this qualification can provide the optimal guidance for customers by drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience. Meister: Staff with this qualification have a wealth of knowledge and can provide guidance that meets the needs of customers.

docomo Smartphone classes

image of docomo Smartphone classes

docomo Smartphone and docomo Raku-Raku PHONE classes are held for free at docomo Shops.

  • They are not held at some shops. Also, the courses differ depending on the shop so please inquire directly at the corresponding shop.

Trial Corner

Actually operate the latest handset models. You can try out the newest products along with hit services. Feel free to stop by at your convenience.

  • Not handled at some shops.

Helpful Services

A variety of services are provided free of charge to be of help to subscribers.
Feel free to stop by and partake of those services.
Details of services differ by shop. Please inquire directly with the shop.

Free charging service

Shops will charge your phone for free.*1*2

Memory copying & smartphone initialization

Feel free to use a special device set up for backing up data. Save your important Phonebook (phone numbers and mail addresses) and other data to CD-R.*1

  1. Some handset models not handled.
  2. docomo Shops will introduce the mobile battery sharing service (a paid service) provided by INFORICH INC. to replace the free battery charging service.

    PDFList of Shops with the Mobile Battery Sharing Service [PDF format:954KB] (in Japanese only)

docomo Service Corners Services

docomo Service Corners provide the following services.

<Provided services>

  • Acceptance of applications regarding failures and repairs
  • Charge payments
  • Charge consultation (changing of billing plan)
  • Resuming services
  • Changing of network PIN
  • Resetting PIN Lock Disable Code (PUK)
  • Resetting of handset PIN, etc.
  • The services available at docomo Service Corners differ from those available at docomo Shops and some services are not provided so be sure to inquire in advance of visiting a docomo Service Corner.

docomo Shop Initiatives

Move Toward Universal Design

Barrier-free Shops

Some shops are equipped with disabled parking spaces as well as slopes and wheelchair-accessible restrooms.

  • Not available at some shops. See individual shop information for details.
Disabled parking
Photo of disabled parking
Entrance with no steps
Photo of entrance with no steps
Wheelchair-accessible restroom
Photo of wheelchair-accessible restroom
Explanation of barrier-free symbols

The following symbols are used on this website and other media for docomo Shops.

Wheelchair icon

Entrance with slope and no steps iconEntrance with slope and no steps

Disabled parking available iconDisabled parking available

Wheelchair-accessible restroom available iconWheelchair-accessible restroom available

Videophone for sign language support available iconVideophone for sign language support available

Support by Videophone

Support is also provided by Videophone to ensure that customers using sign language do not hesitate to visit our shops.

  • The services available at some shops. For details, please refer to the information on each shop.
Writing machines
Photo of writing machines

Simple writing machines for the speech impaired are available for your use as needed.

  • Not installed at some shops.
DOCOMO Hearty Plaza
Image of DOCOMO Hearty Plaza

Simple writing machines for the hearing or speech impaired are available for your use as needed.

Contribution to Society and Environment

Children's emergency services shops

As part of DOCOMO's community and social contribution activities, docomo Shops are being registered as "children's emergency services shops" where children can seek protection when in danger.

  • Children's emergency services shops sticker displayed.
  • Shops take temporary protective custody of children who seek refuge.
  • Shops contact police or schools when children seek refuge.
  • Some shops display stickers designated by the municipality.
  • This service is not yet available in some shops.
  • Shop names may be different in some regions.

Collection and recycling of mobile phones

DOCOMO accepts customers' mobile phones and smartphones free of charge.

Frequently asked questions regarding collection (in Japanese only)

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