Problems and Troubleshooting

If Your Phone Is Lost or Stolen

Information about suspending and resuming your service if your phone is lost or stolen and features that prevent third parties from accessing your phone.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Information about troubleshooting your phone to check for malfunctions, and what you need to do to get it fixed.

Mobile Device Protection & Delivery Service/Mobile Device Protection Service

This service covers you against all kinds of emergencies including damage by water, loss, and complete failure. In the event that you experience trouble, we will deliver a mobile phone of the same model and color (refurbished product including a new battery pack) to you within a day or two.

Battery Pack Anshin Support

This service is for providing a battery pack or portable charger in exchange for docomo Points to a user who has used the same FOMA or Xi "crossy" handset for more than one year.

Battery Pack Anshin Support (in Japanese only)

If You Forget Your PIN or Password

Check the PINs and passwords you need to access different services and functions.

Problems with Spam Mail / Nuisance Phone Calls

Detailed information about dealing with spam email and nuisance phone calls.

Learning How to Use a Product

Instructions on how to use DOCOMO products.

If you do not know how to use a product

Anshin Remote Support

This service allows you to receive support on various smartphone related problems from a technical operator.

Anshin Remote Support (in Japanese only)

Reading Your Bill and Itemized Billing Statement and Other Notices

Information about how to read your bill and monthly billing details, itemized statement, and other notices related to charges that are delivered to you.

Using your mobile phone or smartphone to check on status information in the event of a disaster

DOCOMO provides Disaster Message Board Service and Disaster Voice Messaging Service (both Japanese and English versions) to check on the safety of relatives and friends by mobile phone in the event of a disaster.

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