Acceptance of Applications Regarding Failures and Repairs at docomo Shops

Information on acceptance of applications regarding failures and repairs at docomo Shops.

Flow of Repair Acceptance

STEP 1 From items to check before applying to submitting an application

Check whether your model can be accepted for repairs and what to prepare before applying.

STEP 2 Repair acceptance

Check the condition of the handset according to the information provided by the customer, and when determined that it may have been broken, accept it for repair.

STEP 3 Accept and repair

DOCOMO checks the condition of an accepted handset and repairs all failures that DOCOMO determines repair is required, not only the failures for which the repair application was made.

STEP 4 Repair completion and return

Return the repaired handset to the customer

  • Repair may not be carried out depending on the condition of the handset. For details, see Check Items for Failures and Repairs.
  • The handset data is initialized when the handset is accepted for repair. Please back up any necessary data before applying.

Data Transfer/Backup (in Japanese only)

Things to Check before Applying

Check whether your model can be accepted for repairs

Check whether your model can be accepted for repair.

Repair Acceptance Conditions
(in Japanese only)

Warranty period and data backup

Check the following as well regarding the details and period of the warranty and backing up data before applying for a repair.

Cases in Which Repairs Are Difficult

Handsets that appear to have been exposed to water, damaged (beyond repair), etc. may not be acceptable or difficult to repair.
Check Cases in Which Repairs Are Difficult and consult a shop.

Items to Check before Applying

Before visiting a docomo Shop to apply for repairs, prepare the following items.

What to Prepare Before Applying
When the subscriber of an individual subscription visits a shop [Items to prepare]
  • Broken or damaged handset
    When you submit your mobile phone for repairs at a docomo Shop, your charger (AC adapter, desktop holder, etc.) may be required.
  • If charges apply for repairs, you will need money to pay for your handset to be repaired.*1
  • Product purchase receipt
If line subscriptions for DOCOMO cannot be confirmed, the identification document of the person who applies is required.
When a representative visits a shop Please bring the following three items in addition to those in "Items to prepare" above.
  • Documents verifying the subscriber's identity (copies acceptable)
  • Identification document (original) of the representative (person who visits the shop)
  • Letter of Attorney with subscriber's signature or seal (DOCOMO may confirm authorization by calling the subscriber instead.)
When a corporate subscription customer visits a shop The following two items are required in addition to the items listed above in "Items to prepare".
  1. If the docomo UIM Card (FOMA Card) needs to be reissued, a handling free of ¥2,000 will be charged. (A handling fee will be included on your bill the following month.)
  • When you submit your mobile phone for repairs at a docomo Shop, your charger (AC adapter, desktop holder, etc.) may be required.
    (Accessories [charger, etc.] are not applicable for Online Repair Acceptance Service.)
  • The mobile phone number, subscriber name, subscriber address, and other information will be verified at the place where the mobile phone is accepted for repairs.


In-store procedure

You can inquire regarding failures and apply for repairs at the repair acceptance counter of any docomo Shop or docomo Service Corners in Japan.
Furthermore, your application will be handled on a priority basis on the day of visit if you register the date/time of visit to the docomo Shop.

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