Acceptance of Repairs at docomo Shop

When you apply for a repair of your handset model, docomo Shop staff provides fine guidance at the service counter. The following guide explains the flow of repair acceptance, and advance preparations.

  • Refer to iPhone Customer Support for iPhone repair, and iPad Customer Support for iPad repair.
  • Please confirm notes on repair before applying.
  • Please refer to Data Transfer/Backup before visiting a shop and make sure you have a backup of necessary data before requesting repair service.
  • Online Repair Acceptance Service allows you to apply for repair without visiting a docomo Shop.

Check Whether Your Model Can Be Accepted for Repairs

You can check whether your model can be accepted for repair at a docomo Shop.

Repair Acceptance Conditions (in Japanese only)

Repair Fee

Repair fees vary depending on the model, protection service, and the nature of the repair. Please refer to the simulation results in Proposed Plan for Repair and Approximate Repair Fees.

  • If the docomo UIM Card needs to be reissued, a handling free of ¥2,200 (incl. tax) will be charged. (A handling fee will be included on your bill the following month.)

Flow of Repair

STEP 1 From items to check before applying to submitting an application

Refer to Repair Acceptance Conditions (in Japanese only) to check whether your model can be accepted for repairs.
In addition, please refer to Items to Check before Visiting a Shop before visiting your nearest docomo Shop.
You are required to make a Shop Appointment to perform procedures at a docomo Shop. You can visit a docomo Shop without an appointment when you have an urgent matter, such as handset damage, or if you want to try a product or service in the shop.

STEP 2 Repair acceptance

Check the condition of the handset according to the information provided by the customer, and when determined that it may have been broken, accept it for repair.
You can use a replacement handset offered by DOCOMO during the repair period. For replacement handsets, please refer to Using a Replacement Handset during the Repair Period (in Japanese only).

STEP 3 Accept and repair

DOCOMO inspects and repairs received handsets. For inspection and repair details, please refer to Inspection and Action Report for a Received Handset (in Japanese only)

To check on the progress of your handset repair, please refer to New windowChecking Repair Progress (in Japanese only)

STEP 4 Repair completion and return

You will be notified of repair completion by email or phone.
Visit the shop and receive the repaired handset.

Bring in for Repair (with Data Service)

This service allows you to get your handset repaired while keeping all of your saved data and settings.
The service can only be used for models applicable for Bring in for Repair (with Data Service).

Items to Check before Visiting a Shop

Advance preparations

Before visiting a docomo Shop to apply for failures and repairs, prepare the following items.

Advance preparations
When the subscriber of an individual subscription visits a shop
  1. Broken or damaged handset*1
  2. Receipt of the purchased handset (if available)
When a representative visits a shop Please bring the following three items in addition to ①②③ above.
When a corporate subscription customer visits a shop The following two items are required in addition to ①② above.
  1. For charging issues, please ensure that you also bring the charger (AC adapter, tabletop holder, etc.).
  2. If your line subscription cannot be verified, you will be required to provide identification documents.

Check Items

Please check the period and details of the warranty before applying for a repair.

Check Items for Repairs

Before applying for a repair, be sure to check the procedure for backing up data and perform it for your necessary data.

Data Transfer/Backup (in Japanese only)

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