Information on Use and Application of Products and Services

Before Purchasing a Product

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Check in advance for information to facilitate a smooth purchase.

Data transfer/backup

You can copy and back up your Phonebook (phone numbers and mail addresses), sent and received mail, bookmarks, schedules, camera images, melodies, movies, and other data. Information on how to restore/transfer the data you transferred to a memory card to a mobile phone.

About the Products and Services You Are Currently Using

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Information on convenient ways to use the products and services you are currently using and support information to ensure safer use.

About docomo UIM Card / docomo eSIM Card

docomo UIM Card / docomo eSIM Card is an IC card containing a phone number and other customer information, and is used inserted in an applicable model. Information on docomo UIM Card / docomo eSIM Card and notes on handling.

Smartphone/Tablet Maruwakari Book (Initial setup to advanced operations)

Information on basic settings and useful services for your smartphone or tablet. If you have this, you will be able to easily learn how to get the most out of your smartphone or tablet even if you are a first-time user.

Product Support Information

View the product update information, operation guides, and user's manuals for the product you are using.

User's Manual Download

User's manuals for individual product are available for download in PDF format.

Product Update Information

Download software (no packet communications charges apply) to keep your mobile phone software up to date.

Downloading applications

The communications configuration file (driver) and various other software can be downloaded.


Information on important matters to which to pay attention when using DOCOMO services.

Using Your Product for a Long Time

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Information to help you to safely use your product for a long time.

Battery Pack Anshin Support

If you have used your model for longer than one year, please use the service for the provision of a new battery and other options in exchange for points.

docomo select

We offer a variety of items and accessories you can use with your smartphone or tablet.

Notes on safety

Before using a DOCOMO phone and options such as a battery and adapter (including a charger), be sure to carefully read the user's manuals.

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