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Disaster Voice Messaging Service Currently Running Post your safety status information as a voice message and it will be delivered to the users of the mobile phone numbers you specified. Checking compatible models (in Japanese only) Disaster Voice Messaging Service
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For Foreign Visitors

WOW! JAPAN for visitorNew window

WOW! JAPAN is a travel information site that brings you all the fun and fascinating travel options that Japan has to offer, whether you are planning a trip there, are traveling there already, or are simply interested in Japan.

Useful Services While Visiting Japan

  • d Wi-Fi - Free high-speed Wi-Fi service available at various spots across Japan!
  • Roaming in JAPAN - All Over Japan Using Your Own Mobile Phone.

Make your trip to Japan easier with these useful services. Stay connected with your friends and family, and on social media.

docomo Online ShopNew windowin Japanese only

docomo Online Shop is a convenient website that allows you to purchase mobile phones and options and perform procedures online.

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