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5G Areas

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You can find the information on the establishments and spots where 5G communications are available.
The information will be updated every time the area is expanded.

4G (LTE) and FOMA Areas

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Search for LTE, FOMA, and FOMA HIGH-SPEED areas.

  • VoLTE and VoLTE (HD+) can be used within LTE service areas.


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You can find Wi-Fi SPOTs.
The service is available at various locations in Japan, such as train stations, airports, cafes, and convenience stores.

  • The service may be unavailable at some Wi-Fi SPOTs that have no reception.
  • At stores, the service is available during operating hours.

International service area

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Search for service areas where you can use your usual mobile phone overseas (International roaming), or search for overseas (International calls) you can call to from Japan with your usual mobile phone. Also view communications charges for using those international services.

International Roaming and International Calls

Inquiries by Phone

Open all year round

From landline phones etc.

Mobile phone / PHS OK

Available languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish.
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • May not be accessible form some IP phones.
  • An LTE service area refers to an area that can be used with a Xi service subscription.
  • Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
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