What is d POINT CLUB?


d POINT CLUB is a point program with no sign-up or annual fees that anybody can become a member of under a personal name. Even customers without a DOCOMO line*1 can apply.
This program allows you to earn and use d POINTs in a variety of ways including in stores and when shopping online. You will also receive coupons and various other special bonuses according to your stage.

  1. d ACCOUNT is required to apply for this program.

Earning d POINTs

Image of Earning d POINTs

d POINTs accumulate in various ways such as when shopping in Lawson and other stores, shopping online, making payments with d CARD or d CARD mini, and converting JAL miles and Ponta points to d POINTs.

Using d POINTs

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d POINTs can be used in various ways such as when shopping in Lawson and other stores, shopping online at stores participating in d Mobile Payment Plus, paying mobile phone charges, and paying for mobile phones, accessories, and other DOCOMO products, and they can even be used by exchanging them for products in gourmet catalogs, gift certificates, and other wonderful products.

Three Cards Which Earn and Use d POINTs

You can accumulate and use points by showing your d POINT CARD or d CARD at stores (stores participating in the d POINT CLUB).

  • User registration is required to use d POINTs.
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New windowWhat is d POINT CARD? (in Japanese only)

New windowWhat is d CARD/d CARD GOLD? (in Japanese only)


Premium coupons

[Silver stage and gold stage]
Chance to win dmarket bonuses and theme park ticket and other premium coupons

Special coupons

[Bronze stage, silver stage, and gold stage]
Tickets for movies, amusement parks, sports clubs, etc. can be purchased at special prices.

d POINT CLUB coupons

Special coupons for use in Japan

Corporate logos of McDonald's, LAWSON, and ORIX Rent-A-Car

Many coupons which can be used anywhere
Coupons can be used at McDonald's, Lawson and other places by simply showing a screen.

Special coupons for use overseas

Corporate logos of JTB, EGGS 'N THINGS, and T Galleria

Coupons are provided for use at beach resorts and in popular places such as New York and Los Vegas.
Use them to receive discounts when shopping or when dining in restaurants overseas.

Additional Convenient and Useful Services

docomo My Shop

Image of docomo My Shop

If you become a docomo My Shop member, you will be able to check the availability of products in docomo My Shop information, reserve products, and check information about discounts.

  • Applicable to those with a DOCOMO line.

My Info Mail

Image of My Info Mail

This service delivers by mail information tailored to your monthly usage status and subscription details.

Application Procedure

Information on how to apply for d POINT CLUB.

New windowApplying for d POINT CLUB New windowApplying for d POINT CLUB
(in Japanese only)

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