About DOCOMO's Billing Plans

Giga plan

5G Gigaho Premier [Domestic] Unlimited data
5G Gigalight For data usage between 1 GB and 7 GB, you pay only for the data you use each month
Gigaho Premier Use up to 60 GB per month
Gigalight For data usage between 1 GB and 7 GB, you pay only for the data you use each month

Billing plans for your first smartphone

Hajimete Sumaho Plan

This plan is available to customers who change their subscription from FOMA or switch from another carrier's 3G network to a 5G or Xi (4G/LTE).

U15 Hajimete Sumaho Plan

This is the affordable plan for first-time smartphone users aged 15 and under.

Billing plans for data communications (for tablets/routers, etc.)

These are billing plans dedicated to data communications without voice calls.

Billing plans for tablets/routers, etc.

You can share the available data of your paired DOCOMO's Giga plan subscription with the second device such as a tablet or a mobile router.

Billing plan for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

This billing plan is dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) operations.

Billing plans for docomo Feature Phone and docomo Kids&Juniors

Keitai Plan

This plan is recommended for customers using a with a Xi "crossy" compatible docomo Feature Phone and mainly using voice calls.

Kids Keitai Plan (Xi)

This is a billing plan for customers using a Xi "crossy" compatible Kids' Keitai.


ahamo Online Procedure Plan 20GB 2,700 yen per month (2,970 yen [incl. tax] per month)New windowin Japanese only

Discounts and Benefits

Introduction to discount services that enable economical use of a DOCOMO line.

Discount Campaigns

Introduction to campaigns for purchasing products, campaigns available with d POINT CLUB, etc., and other useful information.

Billing and Payment of Charges, How to Confirm Your Usage

My docomo: Check your monthly bill, data volume, and subscription details, and perform application procedures such as changing your subscription

Inquiries by Phone

Open all year round

From landline phones etc.

Mobile phone / PHS OK

Available languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish.
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • May not be accessible form some IP phones.
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