"Kake-hodai & Pake-aeru" will enable all Kake-hodai plan subscribers to make nationwide voice calls for a flat monthly rate. Furthermore, the plan enables customers to set and share monthly data quotas with family members based on the type of mobile device(s) they are using, and the purposes of their usage.

Introduction to Monthly Support and other discount services for basic monthly charges, packet communications charges, and other charges.

Introduction to campaigns for purchasing products, campaigns available with d POINT CLUB, etc., and other useful information.

Discount Campaigns (in Japanese only)

Overview of the costs incurred when making a new subscription or changing models and discount services for monthly payments.

Confirming/managing your usage

Overview of e-billing which allows you to check your monthly billing details and other information via the Web or e-mail and other online services which allow you to perform various procedures and check your call charges.

Billing and payment of charges

You can check the charge billing schedule and how to pay charges for mobile phone service.

Contact Us

Numbers for contacting us with inquiries.

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