Services that Cannot Be Used at the Same Time as Family Discount

  • Hitoridemo Discount50
  • Bulk Line Discount
  • For Fami-wari MAX50 or Hearty Discount subscribers, Family Discount will not apply to basic monthly charges.

Charges Inapplicable for the Discount

  • Flat-rate monthly charge and limit charges of each packet flat-rate service
  • Packet Pack flat-rate monthly charge
  • Voice option (Kake-hodai option, 5hun-tsuwa-muryo Option) monthly charge
  • Xi Kake-hodai flat-rate monthly charge
  • Office Link flat-rate communications charge
  • SMS
  • Monthly charges for additional functions specified in the service agreement
  • Content usage charges/i-mode information charges
  • Monthly charges for Mobile Device Protection & Delivery Service, Mobile Device Protection Service, Mobile Device Protection Service for iPhone & iPad, etc.

Notes on Use

Notes on application

  • You are required to designate one line as the main line for Family Discount. Only the main line subscriber can apply for the following procedures.
    • Specifying or changing the designated landline phone number
    • Canceling or changing the Family Discount group
    • Applying for or canceling billing group sharing
  • We will verify your relationship with the Family Discount main line subscriber. If you are living in a different location from the main line subscriber, we will verify the consent of the main or sub line subscriber through a letter of consent or by phone.
  • You can make an application or perform change procedures after we confirm the consent of all the Family Discount group members. If another member of your Family Discount group pays your monthly charges, consent from that group member is required before application.
  • The monthly bill sent to the main line subscriber contains the numbers of all lines in the Family Discount group.
  • If you are using a 5G or Xi service, you can apply for Family Discount, but you will not be eligible for some discounts, such as discounts that apply to monthly charges and the landline phone number. In such cases, your line is still counted as one of the lines in the Family Discount group.

Discount application/cancellation timing

  • Family Discount takes effect on the day of application (billed from the following month).
  • Discounts to voice/data communications charges are applied immediately after application.
Discount application/cancellation timing
New application for Family Discount Basic monthly charges From same day
Discount on voice/data communiations charges From time of application
Cancellation of Family Discount Until end of cancellation month
Change of Family Discount Group Basic monthly charges No change
Discount on voice/data communiations charges From month following application
Change of desinated landline phone number From month following application
Cancelalltion of phone line Basic monthly charges Prorated until day prior to cancellation date
Discount on voice/data communiations charges Until date of cancellation

Discount application details

  • There is no change to the free data communications included in the basic charges for the billing plans even after the discount is applied.
  • If the phone number designated for of Yu Yu Call is a Family Discount group number or a designated landline phone number, only the Yu Yu Call discount rate is applied. However, if free voice calls within the group or a 60% discount on digital communications (Videophone) is applied, the Family Discount benefit takes precedence, so it is recommended that you change the designated number.
  • The discounted amount for basic monthly charges will be rounded off to the nearest ¥10. If the service is canceled in the middle of the month, the discount amount will be calculated on a per diem basis and rounded up to the nearest ¥1.
  • The discounted amount for voice communication charges is calculated by multiplying the monthly sum of the charges applicable for discount by the discount rate. The discounted amount will be rounded up to the nearest ¥1.
  • Discounts on voice/data communications charges in Family Discount group are also applied to the communications allowance included in the basic charges and the allowances for Packet Pack flat-rate charges (communications allowance).

Free i-mode emails within the Family Discount group

  • If you receive an i-mode email by making an inquiry to the i-mode center, you may be charged for packet communications for contacting the center.
  • When you send a broadcast email, you will be charged for all of the broadcast messages if the recipients include the email address of a non-Family Discount group line.


  • If single billing is chosen for Family Discount, all d POINTs are awarded to the representative line and can only be used by the representative line subscriber. However, points may be used with prior permission from the representative line subscriber. If we are unable to confirm prior permission, we will ask you to present a letter of attorney, or we may contact the representative line subscriber by phone.
  • Both the representative and sub line subscribers can view points. To prevent any line subscribers other than the representative line subscriber from viewing or using points, an application must be made by the representative line subscriber in advance.
  • If separate billing is chosen, points are awarded to each line.

Shipment of an itemized billing statement of charges

  • If you have your itemized statement sent to your billing/mailing address and your charges are paid together with other lines under Family Discount, the statement will be sent to the billing/mailing address of the party who makes the payment. If you want to change your itemized statement mailing address to apply for Family Discount, an application form with your signature and proof of identity are required.
  • If a non-main line subscriber is subscribed to the Postal Itemized Billing Service when another group member whose billing address is specified as the destination address of the itemized billing statement pays the charges for all lines, the statement is sent to the single billing group address.

Other notes

  • If you are found to be ineligible for the Family Discount according to DOCOMO's requirements after the discount takes effect, your line, or some or all of the lines in the Family Discount group will be canceled.
  • If the group member who pays the monthly charges fails to make a payment even after the due date has passed, a notification will be sent to the single billing group address, and all the lines in the single billing group will be suspended.
  • If no payment has been made on monthly charges for any of the lines in the Family Discount group even after the due date has passed, Family Discount may be canceled for the corresponding line, or for some or all of the lines in the Family Discount group.
  • When Family Discount is canceled, unpaid charges for the main and sub lines in the Family Discount group are calculated and may be billed to the main or sub line subscriber.
  • For details on Family Discount, please refer to the Conditions of Provision (in Japanese only).
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