Discount Services

Introduction to discount services that enable economical use of a DOCOMO line.

Discounts Off Basic Charges

Zutto DOCOMO Wari Plus/Renewal Loyalty Points

FOMAXi "crossy"

The subscribed Packet Pack is discounted automatically based on the number of years of DOCOMO use.

docomo Hikari bundle discount

Xi "crossy"

If you are subscribed to docomo Hikari usage charges of Packet Pack will be automatically discounted depending on the Packet Pack of your subscription.

Long-Term Subscriber Discount


Basic monthly charges for your billing plan are discounted according to your subscription period (continuous usage period).

Discounts Off Dialing Charges

Yu Yu Call Discount


Discount for voice and Videophone communications charges for calling up to 5 domestic and up to 2 overseas destinations.

Zutto CarryOver


Unused communications allowances are carried over up to the limit for unlimited period.

Two-Month CarryOver


Unused communications allowances can be carried over for two months.

Discounts Off Dialing Charges and Basic Charges

Monthly Support

FOMAXi "crossy"

This service discounts the amount applicable for Monthly Support, determined depending on the model you purchased, off your usage charges each month.

Hearty Discount

FOMAXi "crossy"

This service for people with special needs is a discount service for basic monthly charges, monthly usage charges of various services, etc.

Family Discount

FOMAXi "crossy"

Subscribe with other family members to enjoy various discounts and other money-saving services.

Fami-wari MAX50 (discount service for families)


50% off basic monthly charges right away when you subscribe for two years. Separate application required for each line.

Hitoridemo Discount50


Basic monthly charges will be 50% off on the condition of two years of continuous subscription.

New Ichinen Discount


Save on basic monthly charges - up to 25% off - the longer you use DOCOMO.

Option Pack Discount

FOMAXi "crossy"

Subscribe to Melody Call, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, and Call Forwarding network services together and get a discount on monthly charges.

Upgrade Support Program Plus/Upgrade Support Program

Xi "crossy"

You can change your model to one of the latest models at a discount price next time without having to wait until the end of your 24-month installment payment period.

e-billing Discount

FOMAXi "crossy"

Instead of receiving notification of automatic payment and notification of charges by post, you can check your monthly usage charges and other charges at the Usage Charges Confirmation website via i-mode, sp-mode, or the Internet.

ISP Set Discount

FOMAXi "crossy"

If you have subscriptions with more than one of DOCOMO's Internet service providers (ISPs) such as mopera U and i-mode for one Xi or FOMA subscription line, you will be discounted ¥150 off each ISP's monthly charge.

Discounts Off Device Prices

Family Introduction Program

Xi "crossy"

When purchasing an applicable model and joining a share group together with your family members, your family will immediately get up to ¥5,184 (incl. tax) off each device.

Trade-in Program

FOMAXi "crossy"

When you apply to trade in your current mobile phone or other device and then submit it to DOCOMO, you will receive a discount off the purchase price of a mobile phone or other device.

Device Purchase Support

FOMAXi "crossy"

Get some of the purchase price of a model discounted under the condition that you continue your subscription for 12 months.

Purchasing in Installments

FOMAXi "crossy"

You can select from 12 payments and 24 payments for DOCOMO installment payments. There is no installment handling fee.

Plans and Services for Which New Applications No Longer Accepted

Introduction to billing plans for which new applications are no longer accepted and previous billing plans.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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