January 29, 2015

DOCOMO to Launch Optical-fiber Broadband Service with Bundled Discounts

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TOKYO, JAPAN, January 29, 2015 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC., a personalized mobile solutions provider for smarter living, announced today that it will begin offering "docomo HikariTM," a superfast optical-fiber broadband service, combined with "docomo Hikari PackTM" bundled discounts with mobile subscribers. The launch date is targeted at March 1.

The optical-fiber service, which includes Internet access, will offer individuals and companies unlimited Internet connection at speeds of up to 1Gbpsnotice1. Customers will not have to contract with a separate Internet service provider (ISP) since they can simply select from among many available ISPs. Customers also can subscribe to just the optical fiber broadband service. By integrating ISP, wired and wireless services, DOCOMO's one-stop service will simplify the subscription process and customer support.

Customers who sign up for the optical-fiber service will be eligible for docomo Hikari Pack discounts with the existing mobile basic monthly charges, called "Kake-hodai Plan" and "Data Plan." A wide range of discounts based on DOCOMO mobile users' data quotas will be available, with especially attractive offers for those with higher data quotas.

"Zutto DOCOMO Wari" discounts for subscribers who have been with DOCOMO for at least six years and "U25 Ouen WariTM" discounts for budget-minded customers up to age 25, both launched last June, can be applied to docomo Hikari Pack for further discounts.

DOCOMO will start receiving pre-applications for docomo Hikari and docomo Hikari Pack from February 16.

Please see the attachment for more details about the service and discounts.

(Open a PDF file)(Attachment) NTT DOCOMO's New Optical Fiber Broadband Service and Bundled Discounts (PDF format: 110KB)

  • notice1 Downlink speeds of up to approximately 1Gbps (theoretical maximum) are provided on a best-effort basis. Speeds may vary depending on network traffic or transmission environments.
  • notice"docomo Hikari," "docomo Hikari Pack" and "U25 Ouen Wari" are trademarks of NTT DOCOMO, INC.
  • noticeNTT DOCOMO's "docomo Hikari," "docomo Hikari Pack" and "U25 Ouen Wari" are only available to subscribers in Japan.
  • noticeAll other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


NTT DOCOMO provides innovative, convenient and secure mobile services that enable smarter living for each customer. The company serves over 64 million mobile customers in Japan via advanced wireless networks, including a nationwide 3G network and one of the world's first commercial LTE networks. Leveraging its unique capabilities as a mobile operator, DOCOMO is a leading developer of cutting-edge technologies for NFC mobile payments, mobile GPS, mobile TV, intuitive mobile assistance, environmental monitoring, smart grids and much more. Overseas, the company provides technical and operational expertise to eight mobile operators and other partner companies. NTT DOCOMO is listed on the Tokyo (9437) and New York (DCM) stock exchanges. Please visit https://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/english/ for more information.

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