Discounts and Benefits

Introduction to discounts and benefits that enable economical use of a DOCOMO line.

Discount From Your Monthly Charge

The following is information about what discounts are applied depending on the type of subscription.

5G Gigaho Wari


The monthly charge will be ¥1,000 (excl. tax) off for up to 6 months with a subscription to 5G Gigaho.

d CARD Oshiharai Wari

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If you subscribe to an applicable billing plan and select d CARD or d CARD GOLD (including Family CARD) as the payment method for usage charges, you will receive ¥170 (excl. tax) discount.

Minna DOCOMO Wari

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The more members of your family use, the more affordable.
The amount of discount is calculated according to the number of lines in your Family Discount group.

docomo Hikari set discount

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When there is a line in your Family Discount group that is subscribed to docomo Hikari, you will receive a ¥1,000 (excl. tax) discount from the monthly charge for your mobile line indefinitely.

Family Discount

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Subscribe with other family members to enjoy various discounts and other money-saving services.

Hearty Discount

5GXi "crossy"FOMA

This service is for people with special needs who have been issued a "government-issued identification booklet for the physically challenged" etc. and are registered as users.

Gigaho Wari

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The monthly charge will be ¥1,000 (excl. tax) off for up to 6 months with a subscription to Gigaho. Recommended for customers who use 5 GB or more every month.

Hajimete Sumaho Wari

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Switch to a smartphone from a feature phone provided by DOCOMO or even another carrier! We are offering first-time smartphone users a discount of ¥1,000 (excl. tax) on monthly charges for up to 12 months.

U15 Hajimete Sumaho Wari

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For first-time smartphone users aged 15 and under! The monthly charge will be ¥1,500 (excl. tax) off for up to 12 months with a subscription to an applicable billing plan.

Zutto Hajimete Sumaho Wari

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First-time smartphone users can save on their monthly charges! The monthly charge will be ¥1,000 (excl. tax) off with a subscription to an applicable billing plan.

Oshaberi Wari

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First-time smartphone users can also save on calling charges. 5-minute calls are free! The monthly charge on the Voice option will be ¥700 (excl. tax) off for up to 12 months.

Rewarded Benefits

You will receive affordable benefits when applying for applicable billing plans.

Unlimited data campaign


For 5G Gigaho subscribers. Unlimited monthly data allowance (for domestic use) without any registration!

Zutto DOCOMO Tokuten

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For every birthday month, long-time users and heavy users of docomo will receive an amount of d POINTs (limited period/usage) that corresponds to their d POINT CLUB stage.

Gigaho Zouryou Campaign 2

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Gigaho 2 (launched October 1, 2019) subscribers will receive an additional 30 GB for the monthly data limit. A total of 60 GB can be used per month.

Amazon Prime comes with DOCOMO's plan

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With a 5G Gigagho, 5G Gigalite, Gigaho or Gigalite plan subscription, Amazon Prime is included for one year.

DOCOMO'S Giga plan & Disney+ Set Wari

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With a 5G Gigaho, 5G Gigalight, Gigaho, or Gigalight subscription; Disney+ subscription; and campaign registration, you can receive a monthly discount of ¥700 (excl. tax) for 1 year!

Discounts and Support at Model Purchase

The following is an introduction to program and discount information for applicable models offered at reasonable prices.

Sumaho Okaeshi Program

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If you return an applicable model purchased with a 36-installment plan, you will no longer be required to pay for the remaining amount (up to 12 installments) of the monthly installment payment starting from the second month after the date of return.

Trade-in Program

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When you apply to trade in your current mobile phone or other device and then submit it to DOCOMO, you will receive a discount off the purchase price of a mobile phone or other device.

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