Billing and Payment of Charges

Information on the billing schedule for charges, how to confirm usage charges, and how to change your payment method, etc. is provided below.

Billing for Charges

Monthly charges and voice call, communications, and other charges are billed the month following the month of use. The method of providing information to customers for usage charges for mobile phones, etc. every month has been based on the e-billing Discount since charges for February 2015 (charges for use in January), and excluding some customers, issuance fees will apply if a customer wishes a paper billing statement, etc. to be sent by post.

Billing schedule

Table of Billing schedule
Details of bill Monthly charges and voice call, communications, and other charges are billed the month following the month of use. In the case of docomo Hikari Denwa, only the voice call and communications charges are billed two months after the month of use.
Bill send date Bills are issued successively from around the 10th to around the 16th of each month.
Payment due date The last day of the month (if the last day is a Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday, the next business day) in which the bill is issued.
  • If subscription is started or canceled in the middle of the month, charges will be calculated on a per-diem basis for days used.
    However, this does not apply to monthly charges that are not applicable to being calculated on a per-diem basis such as those for Pake-hodai FLAT and Flat-Rate Data Plan Flat.

For example, billing for March usage is...

Diagram explaining the charges billing schedule

Change of Billing Source of Communications Service Charges and Other Charges, Etc.

Monthly usage charges and other charges will be billed from NTT FINANCE.

  • NTT FINANCE is a wholly owned company of the NTT Group that provides billing and collection services.

Single Billing Service

This service adds the billing amounts for multiple lines and bills the total amount as a single bill, etc.

Points to note regarding billing

  • If charges are exceptionally high compared to your normal usage, we may notify you of this before billing for charges.
  • You may be billed early depending on usage conditions.
  • If a payment is not confirmed after the payment deadline has elapsed, a "Notice of use suspension" may be sent in some cases.

How to Confirm Charges

Confirmation through e-billing

Instead of receiving notification of automatic payment and notification of charges by post, you can check your monthly usage charges and other charges at the Usage Charges Confirmation website via i-mode, sp-mode, or the Internet.

  • Information on billing has been provided through e-billing since February 2015, and customers that pay charges by automatic payment or credit card have e-billing subscriptions, excluding some customers.

Confirmation through paper billing statement

We offer a service in which we send a billing statement on usage charges every month by post. Issuance fees will be charged for the use of this service.

Table of Confirmation through paper billing statement
Payment method Notice method Issuance fee
Paying by automatic payment Automatic payment notice ¥50 per bill
Paying by credit card Usage charge notice ¥50 per bill
Paying by bill Bill ¥100 per bill

Issuance fee

Issuance fees will be charged to customers who have a subscription for FOMA, Xi "crossy" or WideStar II *1 *2. Note that this also applies when the party of billing communications service charges is NTT DOCOMO or NTT FINANCE *3.

  1. In the case of a single billing service subscription, this applies for the billing group representative line.
  2. Issuance fees do not apply for the following customers. In addition, issuance fees will not apply if paper-based information is provided due to circumstances at DOCOMO.
    1. Customers with subscriptions for the following services
      Hearty discount, Braille billing notices, usage charge management service, Device Plus 300, Device Plus 500, Kids Keitai Plus, docomo Wi-Fi monthly flat-rate plan, Otayori Photo Plan, Otayori Photo Plan Flat, Otayori Photo Plan Full, DriveNet Plan, DriveNet Plan Full, LTE Ubiquitous Plan S, LTE Ubiquitous Plan M, LTE Ubiquitous Flat, LTE Ubiquitous Plan S (High-speed option), LTE Ubiquitous Plan M (High-speed option), FOMA Ubiquitous Plan S, FOMA Ubiquitous Plan M, Flat-Rate Ubiquitous Plan, transceiver Plan, and Location Information Dedicated Plan
    2. Customers with docomo Hikari (no pair line) subscription
    3. Customers without subscriptions for the following services
    Providers offered by DOCOMO (sp-mode, i-mode, mopera U, and BlackBerry Internet Service)
  3. Our issuance fees will not apply for customers using NTT FINANCE single billing. Issuance fees charged by NTT FINANCE can be checked on the New windowNTT FINANCE's website (in Japanese only).

Reading Your Bill and Itemized Billing Statement and Other Notices

The following explains how to read your bill and monthly billing details, itemized billing statement, and other notices related to charges that are delivered to you.

Payment Methods

We recommend that you pay your charges by convenient automatic payment or credit card.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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