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This service provides unlimited use of i-mode mail, sp-mode mail, etc. with no communications charges.
You can use Mail Tsukai-hodai by combining the following three services.

  • Application : Required

  • In the case of "2. Packet flat-rate service", Mail Tuskai-hodai is available even with Pake-hodai FLAT or Raku-Raku Pake-hodai.
  • In the case of "3. Compatible ISPs", the communications service available differs depending on whether you use an i-mode handset or a smartphone.

POINTService points

  • Great for people who use their phone for mail more than for talking
    With Mail Tsukai-hodai, exchanging domestic i-mode mail, sp-mode mail, etc. with anyone is free. No charges apply even when sending to and receiving from non-family parties, users of non-DOCOMO handsets, and PC users.
    Attached photo and video files can also be exchanged free of charge.
  • Basic monthly charges start from ¥743
    The billing plan for a Fami-wari MAX50 or Hitoridemo Discount50 subscription, Type Simple Value, is ¥743 per month!
    Combined with the monthly charge of ¥300 for i-mode or sp-mode, charges start from ¥1,043 per month.
  • Also, the i-mode packet communications charge limit is ¥4,200, which enables worry-free use
    When you use Pake-hodai simple or Pake-hodai double 2, which is available from the flat rate of ¥0. A limit of ¥4,200 means months with heavy use of i-mode communications are worry free.
    i-mode Full Browser communications are also available with a monthly limit of ¥5,700.
  • docomo mail/sp-mode mail is free for smartphone users too
    With docomo mail/sp-mode mail, no communications charges apply, no matter which address the mail is being sent to. And using Pake-hodai simple or Pake-hodai double 2 gives peace of mind thanks to a monthly limit of ¥5,700.

<Smartphone subscribers>
The following conditions apply for free mail with Mail Tsukai-hodai.

  • Mail for which packet communications charges do not apply refers to docomo mail/sp-mode mail and mopera U mail sent or received with a smartphone. (only mopera U mail using a mopera U smartphone flat-rate access point).
  • Charges will apply for some communications such as sending and receiving mail while overseas, webmail, communications when HTML mail connects to the Internet or other sources and acquires images, and some communications for connecting to the Internet (including communications made automatically by the OS or applications of your smartphone).

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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