Family Discount

5G Xi "crossy" FOMA

Subscribe with other family members to enjoy various discounts and other money-saving services.

Image explaining the Family DiscountImage explaining the Family Discount
  • Application : Required

POINTService points

Domestic calls between family members are free.
Combining the Family Discount with various discounts and other money-saving service below, makes domestic calls to family members free 24 hours a day.

Combinations Family Discount with 5G Gigaho, 5G Gigalight, Gigaho, Gigalight, Keitai Plan, Kids Keitai Plan, Kake-hodai Light Plan (Two-year period subscription), Simple Plan (Two-year period subscription), Kids Keitai Plus, Fami-wari MAX50, New Ichinen Discount (Subscribers with a continuous usage period of ten years or more), Hearty Discount, and Type Xi Plan Ninen
  • Calls made when using WORLD WING are outside the scope
  • Family indicates within the same Family Discount group.
  • New applications for Type Xi Plan Ninen are no longer accepted

Bank Account for Payment and Billing Address Can Be Separate

You can include together, for example, all of your parents and children who do not live with you in the group. An application can be made if, for example, up to a third-degree relative of the representative line subscriber.
The billing postal address and bank account for payment can also be separate.

  • Monthly bills, etc. sent to the representative line subscriber include all line phone numbers within the Family Discount group.

Range of third-degree relatives

The definition of third-degree relatives specified by DOCOMO as the applicable range for Family Discount differs slightly from the legal definition of third-degree relatives.

Up to 20 Lines within Japan

Up to 20 lines anywhere within Japan can receive this discount.

  • Subscriptions available from two lines.

Application Procedure

You can apply at a docomo Shop or by phone.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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