CSR Policy

The Starting Point of DOCOMO's CSR

Mobile networks are a key social infrastructure.
DOCOMO has been laying the foundation for mobile networks in Japan.
It is our mission to "connect" people to people, people to things, and things to other things without fail.

We have also enriched people's lifestyles by proposing and realizing services attuned to the needs of our customers, such as i-mode and Osaifu-Keitai.

In the future, we will work with our partners to advance the "+d" initiatives and realize innovation through 5G to contribute to the development of society and industry.
This corporate DNA of "connecting" and "innovating" has been handed down to each individual employee, forming the bedrock of DOCOMO's CSR.

Image of The Starting Point of DOCOMO's CSRImage of The Starting Point of DOCOMO's CSR

CSR Policy

Engagement, Society & DOCOMO For A Brighter FutureEngagement, Society & DOCOMO For A Brighter Future

Our view of the future is a society in which people can live with greater security, safety, comfort and affluence across national and regional borders and across generations.
With a deep sense of mission, DOCOMO is working diligently toward a better tomorrow in increasingly innovative ways.

Innovative docomo

We will create new value through every facet of our business activities.

Education & Learning, Health & Medical Care, Mobility, Productivity Improvement, Work Style Reform, Climate Change, +d Co-creation of social value
Target, Addressing social issues across six value-creation domains. Action, Providing services that employ DOCOMO's ICT and co-creation with partners.

Responsible docomo

We will carry out our corporate activities with the utmost integrity.

Human Rights, Organizational Governance, Fair Operating Practices, Labor Practices, Community Involvement, Consumer Issues, The Environment, Network Reliablility, Fulfilling our social responsibility
Innovative + Responsible = SustainableInnovative + Responsible = Sustainable
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