For when you want to be connected with someone all the time. Services to connect people by mail or phone to create a richer communications experience.

docomo mail

docomo mail image

This convenient mail service allows you to use a cloud service to easily transfer data when changing device models and restore data in the event of losing your device.

docomo mail (in Japanese only)

sp-mode mail

sp-mode mail image

Enhance your mobile mail experience by using pictograms and Deco-mail. And new mail is received immediately. This fun and convenient mail service allows you to use an i-mode mail address (

sp-mode mail (in Japanese only)

i-mode mail

i-mode mail image

Send text, images, and other content to not only other DOCOMO users but also to other carriers' mobile phones and PCs. You can also send mail containing pictograms.

i-mode mail (in Japanese only)


Deco-mail Pictograms screen image

Change the background and font colors, attach photographs, and otherwise spruce up your mail messages any way you want.

Deco-mail (in Japanese only)


Mail-Hon'yaku-Concier logo

Translate a message entered on a smartphone between Japanese and English, Korean, or Chinese. This service allows you to easily send and receive messages in a foreign language.

Mail-Hon'yaku-Concier (in Japanese only)


CommuniCase icon

A mail app for multiple mail accounts that is compatible with docomo mail.
A new function called "exchange" makes mail even more enjoyable.

CommuniCase (in Japanese only)

Voice input mail

Voice input mail logo

Just talk into the phone's microphone to easily compose the main text of your mail simply.

Voice input mail (in Japanese only)


Tsunagari-hotto-support logo

Receive peace of mind and expand your communication experience by getting information on somebody's mobile phone usage status regularly.

Tsunagari-hotto-support (in Japanese only)

Short Message Service (SMS)

Even if you don't know the other party's mobile phone mail address, you can send mail directly to their phone number.

Short Message Service (SMS) (in Japanese only)

Sugu Den

Image of Sugu Den

This function allows you to perform basic phone operations such as making and answering calls without tapping and other screen operations.

Sugu Den (in Japanese only)

Hanashite Hon'yaku

Hanashite Hon'yaku icon

Use your mobile phone to translate your message into the language of the other party.
This service allows you to have a smooth conversation with somebody who speaks a different language as if an interpreter was actually there with you by simply speaking as usual.

Hanashite Hon'yaku (in Japanese only)

Video Call

Image of Video Call

Introduction to Video Call, which allows you to see the other party and show things as you talk when you are both using models compatible with DOCOMO's VoLTE.

Video Call (in Japanese only)


Videophone symbol

See the other party as you talk, show things with the camera, and express feelings that can't be conveyed with words alone.

Videophone (in Japanese only)

Making international call/Sending international message (International dialing/messaging service)


It's easy to make international calls from your DOCOMO mobile phone.


2in1 logo

Have different phone numbers and mail addresses for family, friends, and work, keeping them separate according to who you communicate with and the situation.

2in1 (in Japanese only)

Multi number

Multi number logo

Separate your personal and business calls with different phone numbers, and keep track of charges by number.

Multi number (in Japanese only)

Voice Mail Service

The person who called you will be able to leave a message if you can't answer your phone.

Voice Mail Service (in Japanese only)

Call Waiting Service

Put your current conversation on hold and answer other calls when they come in.

Call Waiting Service (in Japanese only)

Call Forwarding Service

Forward incoming calls to another phone that has been registered in advance.

Call Forwarding Service (in Japanese only)

Public Mode

When you are driving or in a public place where you can't answer your phone, calls will be answered with an announcement.

Public Mode (in Japanese only)

English Announcement Service

Configure general outgoing and incoming call announcements, Voice Mail announcements, and other announcements to play in English.

English Announcement Service (in Japanese only)

Special Numbers

Introduction to special numbers (3-digit numbers with no area code and # numbers) that can be called from DOCOMO mobile phones.

Special Numbers (in Japanese only)

Caller ID Notification Service

Let the person you are calling know your phone number (caller ID).

Caller ID Notification Service (in Japanese only)

Missed Call Notification Service

You can get notifications of calls received while the power is turned off or the handset is outside the service area via Short Message Service (SMS).

Caller ID Display Request Service

Choose to accept calls only from phones that have enabled caller ID notification.

Quick Number Service

Allows calls to be received by simply dialing #xxxx (# plus a 4-digit number).

Quick Number Service (in Japanese only)


Mieru Call

Image of Mieru Call

This app displays the words of the other party of a call in real time. It provides text support for your calls.

Mieru Call (in Japanese only)

docomo Phonebook

docomo Phonebook logo

docomo Phonebook app allows you to register and edit contacts and sort contacts into groups, and can be used with convenient cloud services.

docomo Phonebook (in Japanese only)

Tegaki Hon'yaku

Tegaki Hon'yaku image

This app translates handwriting. Handwriting can also be combined with photos, hand drawn illustrations, etc.

Tegaki Hon'yaku (in Japanese only)


Giftco logo

This service allows you to easily give casual gifts using mail, SNS, etc.

Giftco (in Japanese only)

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