Your butler or a character you like can come and stay in your mobile phone to make everyday life more convenient. Select useful tools to suit your preferences.


i-concier screen image

This service provides lifestyle support by turning your mobile phone into your very own personal butler.

i-concier (in Japanese only)


Talk to your smartphone about things you want to know or do, and your smartphone will display the best answers to your queries on the screen.

Shabette-Concier (in Japanese only)

i Bodymo

i Bodymo screen image

i Bodymo is a DOCOMO health service that provides encouragement to enable you to keep up your normal efforts with regards to things like walking and eating while enjoying yourself in a lighthearted manner.

i Bodymo (in Japanese only)

docomo Phonebook

Add information such as the latest postal address, URL, and business hours to the numbers of registered stores and other businesses using the Phoneboook addition function of i-concier. Furthermore, the result of compatibility diagnosis is added automatically if a date of birth is registered.

docomo Phonebook (in Japanese only)

Recommended App

This service notifies you of recommended apps based on your usage.

Recommended App (in Japanese only)

Message Service

Information is delivered as it comes available with no charges for receiving and registering

Image of the Message Service

Get the news and weather, along with money-saving tips and other useful up-to-date information delivered right to your mailbox.

Message Service (in Japanese only)


i-Widget screen image

Attach multiple widgets to your i-Widget screen. Widgets are utilities that provide frequently used content such as search tools, clocks, stock updates, and more. Just press the i-Widget button (i-Widget button) once to update all your widget applications with the latest data.

Melody Call

Melody Call Logo

Instead of the standard ringback tone, you can have your favorite tunes play for the caller.

Melody Call (in Japanese only)

Kisekae Tool

Kisekae Tool screen image

Unify the design of all your mobile phone menu screens with downloaded character images or other designs.

Kisekae Tool (in Japanese only)

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Machi-Chara screen image

Set your favorite animated character that reacts to the time, incoming calls, and other events.

Machi-Chara (in Japanese only)

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