Quickly find a map or up-to-date information. 
Check all the information you need to know in your everyday life anytime from your mobile phone.


i-channel screen image

Get the news, weather, entertainment, sports, horoscope and other up-to-date information scrolling across your standby screen.

i-channel (in Japanese only)

docomo map navi

Logo of docomo map navi

docomo map navi provides total support for when you go out. For example, support is provided for when you visit a place for the first time, when you are looking for a store or facility near your current location, and when you are planning to go out or on a trip.
A variety of features are available including current location maps, searching for places in your surrounding area, displaying photos of recommendations, navigation, and transfer information.

docomo map navi (in Japanese only)


Auto-GPS screen image

You can download weather and sightseeing information for your current location and region, play games linked to your location, and more.

Auto-GPS (in Japanese only)

docomo DriveNet

Logo of docomo DriveNet

The service provides up-to-date information for navigation. It allows you to use communications to obtain the most recent maps, traffic information in real time, and latest area information.

docomo DriveNet (in Japanese only)


i-area logo

You can search for convenient information tailored to your immediate vicinity from keywords and genres, such as information on restaurants and movie theaters.

i-area (in Japanese only)

imadoco search

imadoco search logo

Use an i-mode mobile phone, smartphone, or PC (My docomo) to check the whereabouts of your children or other loved ones on a map.

imadoco search (in Japanese only)

imadoco kantan search

imadoco kantan search logo

When, for example, you have arranged to meet friends, use an i-mode mobile phone or smartphone to easily check their whereabouts on a map.

imadoco kantan search (in Japanese only)

GPS navigation

GPS navigation (in Japanese only)


Image of dmenu screen

This DOCOMO portal site allows you to enjoy various content and services especially suited for smartphones.

dmenu (in Japanese only)

Category Navi

Image of Category Navi

Search for dmenu content from a wide range of categories.

Category Navi (in Japanese only)


iMenu screen image

Introduction to iMenu, the page displayed when you connect to i-mode, providing information on various services.

iMenu (in Japanese only)


Shabette-Concier icon

Talk to your smartphone about things you want to know or do, and your smartphone will display the best answers to your queries on the screen.

Shabette-Concier (in Japanese only)

Utsushite Hon'yaku

Utsushite Hon'yaku icon

This service allows you to use your mobile phone to instantly translate text in a foreign language you cannot read in restaurants, tourist spots, and other locations when you are traveling overseas by simply capturing the text with your camera.

Utsushite Hon'yaku (in Japanese only)

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