Changing Subscription Information

Changing Your Address

Learn how to change your address and your mailing address for billing and other notices.

Suspending/Resuming Service Due to Loss or Theft

Learn what to do when you need to suspend or resume service if your mobile phone is lost or stolen.

Storing Phone Number/Cancelling Storage when You Won't Use Your Mobile Phone for a Long Period (Working or Studying Overseas, Etc.)

If you will not use your mobile phone for an extended period of time because you will, for example, work or study overseas, you can apply to have your phone number stored. The information on this page describes the procedures required for storing and cancelling storage of your phone number.

Registering User Information

Information on how to register and change the main user of the mobile phone.

Cancellation Within Eight Days

Information on the procedure to cancel your subscription within eight days.

Cancelling Your Mobile Phone Subscription and Your Subscription with Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Information on the documents and other items necessary for cancelling your mobile phone subscription or procedures to cancel your subscription with MNP.
See "Cancelling docomo Hikari" for details on cancelling docomo Hikari.

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